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Adrian Kidd comments on Liz Truss and the current cost of living crisis below:

Political re-working

Some believe the current political system isn’t working. One such person is Adrian Kidd, a Chartered Wealth Manager at EQ Financial Planning.

“Ultimately, the outcome of this vote doesn’t matter,” says Kidd. “The current political system simply does not work for the people. If it did, we’d forsake vanity projects like faster trains to Birmingham and more lanes on motorways and make sure that all people in the UK had a reasonable standard of living.”

Adrian Kidd is worried politicians will misspend capital and solve the issues that matter

Kidd is worried that whoever the leader is, they will “misspend our capital and not solve any issues that really matter”. However, he is hoping to

be proven wrong.

“They have a great place to start right now with winter coming. We need a leader to make tough decisions, but one that will also help with the cost of living currently, and work for the many and not the few. The people who

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