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 It is important to know the person you are working with is highly qualified. That's the way to separate people. Then it comes

down to do you feel like you can trust them, you like them and that you feel they could make a positive difference to your life.

My professional designations

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My name is Adrian Kidd and I am 49 years old. I am fortunate to be a father to the most amazing little girl, Raffaella.

I have a love of Italy and  have a home there in the rustic region of Abruzzo, where I plan to end up some day, to a simpler life.

I am a golf nut with a current handicap of 12.7 and for my sins, I am a Man United fan.

I live in a lovely part of Buckinghamshire, in the middle of Haddenham and Thame, and I love both the countryside and the buzz of London.

I love the months of October and November as it's the London film festival and Jazz festival; movies and music being two other loves of mine.

EQ was born out of an idea that I believe in strongly; that our EQ is today more important than our IQ. Being emotionally intelligent with money and in life overall is likely to increase your well-being.

I have been in finance since the age of 18 and have worked as a trader, broker and adviser/planner. It wasn't until I discovered the EVOKE model by George Kinder that I actually found the thing I love to do most; aged 46. That is why I see myself doing this for the next 20 years. It is also why I continue to develop my own skills and in 2022 I became a Certified Financial Coach. I love the money coaching, well-being and life planning work the most and it has tremendous value and impact.


What I believe and what's important:


  • It is the ongoing process of planning that is important, not an actual plan

  • Focus on what you control 

  • We all need help in some way

  • We must know ourselves as best we can. We can all improve our self-awareness

  • Happiness is the wrong goal 

  • Focus on things we know make us feel good and give our lives purpose and meaning

  • Having lots of money is also the wrong goal

  • Getting your life/balance right is impossible without a plan

  • We get in our own way

  • We are bad at prioritising 

  • Money is more emotional than people think

  • Your past doesn't equal the future

  • EVOKE is the only way to work it out. Plan first, money and other stuff next.

  • The present is what counts as its all we 're guaranteed in life

  • Time is precious

  • Without our health, nothing much matters

  • Our kids and what we teach them is the most important job in the world


I have been featured in the following publications in last 2 years:

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