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Your money past

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

I strongly believe that your past interactions and messaging and experiences from early childhood influence your present day interactions; this can also be known as your "attachment style". That's a topic for another day.

If you feel stuck in life, not just with money but any facet of life, it could be traced back to your life growing up. In the area of money, when exploring the past and not going to therapy levels of curiosity, I would ask some questions such as below:

  • What is the first vivid memory you have to do with money?”

  • What messages about money did you receive in your childhood from your parents?

  • How do those messages influence and inform your experience with money today?

  • How have your money patterns changed since childhood?

  • What would you do differently with your own children?

For example, my answers would be scarcity, money was hard to come by and was not to be squandered. Whilst we weren't poor, our basic needs were met but anything above food and shelter and cheap clothing, there wasn't much else like holidays abroad or meals out etc. When I started working in the City at 17, all I was taught about money was blown out of the water as money was abundant, money was to be enjoyed and you didn't have to work 16 hour days to be wealthy. I am very mindful of my daughter and have introduced a concept of a savings and spending jar for money gifted to her. These are transparent as I want her to see the balances in both so she can make her own mind up about which jar needs some topping up. The responses give a huge insight into what might be your mindset around money. Grab some paper and spend an hour thinking about these questions and write down some thoughts as I know I found it really helpful. You can get in touch for a free call on what you've come up with and what to do next.

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