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“The real measure of your wealth, is how much you would be worth if you lost all your money.” Anonym

I read this quote recently from someone who was so damn smart and humble, they didn’t even give their name. If I had come up with this, I’d have made sure everyone knew I’d said it. I will, however, acknowledge Adrian Kidd, a colleague and friend, for bringing it to my attention.

I am not going to add loads to this today, cos it's such a powerful statement alone.

It is pretty hard to deny, though, right? What is all the financial wealth in the world worth to you, if everyone else thinks you’re a total b*llend. Worse yet, what is all the financial wealth in the world worth if, suddenly you’re without it and you have absolutely nothing. No friends, no family, nothing to care about and no one or thing to care about you.

Money is inert. It is a thing that offers nothing more than the power to swap it with things, necessities, experiences and memories. It obviously has a huge role to play, if you want to enhance those things and bring opportunity and excitement to you and yours. But, financial wealth alone… not for me.

I have said before when asked if I’d rather be ‘Rich or Wealthy’, I say Wealthy every time. I have never been rich, but I have always been Wealthy. How much I have (or don’t have as the reality actually is) does not define that.

What does Wealth mean to you? If it is just measured by the size of your bank balance, the value of your house, or how much you’re being paid, then you’re on a slippery slope to being in a position where, should you lose it all, you’ll have no wealth at all.

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