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Discussion Meetings

I hold discovery meetings with potential clients to establish several things. The calls are of no charge to the person/people I am speaking with and can last up to 90 minutes; these happen remotely.

I want to understand what the issue is in this call and I would hope to provide some firm guidance on what can be done to solve the issue during our time together. My role in the call is to provide some way for you to move forward with what is on your mind, as well as wanting to get to know more about your story.

This could mean working with me in a variety of ways or perhaps not at all as I may not be the right person for the task at hand. If this is the case, I will make sure I help you to find the person/company to assist. My role here is to make sure I help you in whatever way I can!

My experience shows that the presenting issue is not always the real issue. I will help you deal with both and this can be done in many ways.

Examples of where I will be the right person to assist you.

If you are going through/thinking about a big life transition, it could mean that the EVOKE process is the best way forward.

If you are looking solely at existing financial assets and want to make these work more effectively for you by consolidation, reducing costs/admin where possible, or making sure risk levels are appropriate, it could mean financial advice is all you want.

If you don’t have assets but would like to start building them, it could be that EVOKE or financial coaching is most suitable for your requirements.

It may emerge that your past or events from your past are holding you back and it is having a detrimental effect on your relationship with yourself or others as well as your relationship with money. it could be that financial therapy is needed. This requires a therapist and a planner as the therapist is trained to deal with the past and the present whereas the planner will deal with the future and the money.

All these solutions have a cost and these will be laid out to you; some of them are already on my website. I am very flexible with how I do things as I am only looking to do it with a small number of people. Not all these ways of working with people require long-term commitments or on-going fees. The business is not simply about accumulating assets to manage.

I have capacity for 40 long-term clients and only have 15 spaces left. I can probably only take on 4 new clients a year as the on-boarding process takes time when done properly.

I will have 2 days a week for coaching and ad-hoc advice matters marked out in my diary for around 6 months of the year as existing clients are prioritised over new ones.

I will also be honest and transparent about my capacity and my capability in assisting you as well as the costs that are likely to be incurred should you wish to engage my professional expertise. That is my guarantee to you from the very start.

If something is on your mind, get in touch to book your free discovery discussion today; you’ll leave better off I assure you.

Adrian Kidd is a Registered Life planner, Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Wealth Manager. He works with Dr. Anna Walton in financial therapy sessions and is training to be a qualified financial coach

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