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Is your financial coach qualified ?

I have been doing a little digging locally on Google, for financial coaches in Aylesbury, Haddenham and Thame, which are my nearest locations to see people in person. A lot of financial adviser sites appear on the searches but it seems to be because they have optimised their websites to catch the term "financial coaching".

Financial advisers can help coach their clients into good financial behaviours. This is certainly part of the job of a real financial planner but its not just about funding ISA's and pensions every tax year and staying invested even in rocky markets. This is coaching linked to advice, which is not financial coaching in its truest sense.

What really separates people though is the exact qualifications they hold. It should say something about the person that has spent time and money acquiring specialist skills. I made deliberate choices to go above the technical knowledge to be a regulated and qualified financial adviser. I did this by becoming a Registered Life Planner with the Kinder Institute. I am one of around 650 Registered Life Planners in the world. I have been trained to listen properly and without judgement and help clients deliver their own financial plans.

These skills then transferred easily towards my desire to become a Certified Financial Coach. Again, different skills are needed to be a coach as its about empowerment and not providing solutions.

When engaging the services of a true financial coach or need a financial plan, check the shortlist of people have the specialist qualifications that will give you confidence you've found the right person to help you move forward. You need to make sure the money you are spending is spent well!

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