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Celebrate all occasions - doesn't just have to be 50th birthdays...

Last Monday it was my wife's 50th birthday. Back in October she said she'd love us to have a smaller version of our wedding as a celebration, in our favourite place in the world, Abruzzo. So, across the last week we've had 30-odd people travel far and wide to share in the occasion, with the main events happening on the weekend.

On Friday, we had lunch at a trabocchi (fish restaurant on stilts in the sea), then a party at a vineyard on Saturday, with a home pool party and brunch followed by drinks and metre long pizza's in the wonderful town of Guardiagrele.

On the Friday lunch, I said a few words before we started the 7 courses started to come out; the start of a big weekend of eating and drinking! My finishing sentence was "let's make some memory dividends together this weekend that will pay us back across our lifetimes".

What's really cool (for me anyway) is that 5-6 people came up to me before they went back to airports telling me that they had had done exactly that; making me happy and a touch emotional. Never doubt that money is emotional......

As I say a lot on various blogs and posts, is to celebrate the big moments, go big, forget costs if possible. Bringing people together and sharing these experiences just makes you feel so good; and I just promise you, you won't regret doing it, and we are only guaranteed the present in life. So, don;t just wait for special birthdays like a 50th or 60th. Putting things off brings in unnecessary risk to your life; the risk of not doing these things!

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