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The EVOKE Life Planning process


This 5 stage process defines the EQ approach to Financial Life Planning. We find it enhances the financial planning experience and gives true value to our clients. As the great George Kinder said "Life Planning is financial planning done right".

In addition to this, I believe if we tie together our values with what and who matters most and our deepest aspirations for our lives, magic can and does happen. We are using our time and resources in ways that give us fulfilment and joy


This is the first stage of the life planning process. We take time to explore the reasons behind your visit and deal with any issues of immediate concern. We then move on to the things that are important to you and encourage you to dream big for your future and that of your loved ones.

After our Exploration meeting we will ask you to complete some carefully considered life planning exercises which will help you clarify and define the things that are important to you. We may use all or some of the following exercises:

  • The 3 questions

  • The Heart's Core Grid

  • Ideal Day / Week / Year

  • Goals for your life


During this part of the process we take your dreams and goals and bring them to life. We ask you to complete specific tasks and work with you to paint the picture of how your life would look if it was everything you wanted it to be, if you were truly living the life of your dreams. You will feel motivated and energised by the possibilities that lie ahead of you.


This part of the process looks at what is standing in the way of you living that dream life. We work together to overcome these obstacles so you may have a clear path to a financial life plan that delivers the life that is everything you want it to be.


This is where we use our expertise to design the financial architecture that is required to ensure that the finances are aligned to your dreams. We bring in the results of the life planning exercises and use cashflow modelling software to model different scenarios for you.


This is the implementation part of the process where we put in place all the recommendations in your plan to bring your financial life plan to life. We will undergo in depth research and analysis to ensure your recommendations are made specific to you and we use our investment process to deliver a structured, seamless and systematic investment experience.

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This material was developed by George Kinder and the Kinder Institute of Life Planning. It is part of a program of training that leads to the Registered Life Planner® designation. Used by permission of George Kinder © 1999  

How We Work
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I am happy to help anybody, whether that be a steer in the right direction or helping you save some time by getting you connected with the right person.

Normally, the fees charged for one-off pieces of regulated business are too high for what people are looking to do. This is an industry wide problem and is sometimes called the "advice gap".

I would always encourage people to go down the LIfe Planning route as it's the correct way of doing things, in my view but I appreciate it is not for everybody and sometimes the fees are a barrier.

I have capacity for two pieces of individual business per month and the minimum fees tend to start at £600 for investment and pensions advice, per plan or £500 for mortgage advice.


I am looking to work with no more than 30 clients on a regular and long-term basis.


New clients will be taken on via the EVOKE process.

Minimum fees for new clients start at £3,000 for life planning.

Minimum annual fees start at £2,500 and are capped at £13,000.

For new clients life planning fees offset initial charges for investments example for a person who has done EVOKE and paid £3,000 and has £300,000 of investable assets the only initial fee paid is the planning fee. There is a maximum additional fee of £5,000 for investments 

Who We Work With
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